Tobita Suishu (1886-1965) was a baseball player at Mito Chugakko (now known as Mito First High School) and Waseda University, and also worked as the manager for the university.  He valued the educational aspects of baseball, and spread it throughout junior and senior high schools in Japan.  Therefore, he was called the “father of student baseball.” He also made the motto “Ikkyu Nyukon.” (Put your soul into every pitch.)


   Takeishi Koha (1884-1913) was the first pilot and also the first victim of flight in Japan.  After graduating from Mito Chugakko (now known as Mito First High School), he entered Curtis Flying School in the US. He first flew into the sky successfully only 10 years after Orville and Wilbur Wright.  The next day, however,his plane had trouble and crashed.


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