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History and Tradition

  Mito First High School is the first high school in Ibaraki and has a 140-year history. Over 36,000 graduates now play a leading role in various fields,including economics, judiciary circles, education, medicine, science, and art.  With their support, great facilities and skilled teachers, about 1,000 students are fully enjoying their academic school life.


  Our school highly emphasizes academic freedom, and expects all students to pursue the truth through two slogans: “Study-centered” and “Autonomy.” Students concentrate on their lessons but also participate in our twobiggest events, “Gakuensai Festival” and “Arukukai Marathon,” and plenty of club activities and student councils.  We provide students with a wide number of opportunities to cultivate themselves through valuable experiments and interactions.

Goals and Vision

  We recognize the importance of producing highly talented graduates and expect students to improve their abilities and acquire the basic skills during these three years.  Now that the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, we teachers aim to ensure that every student will be a well-balanced individual with physical, mental and moral strength.

Legacy and Innovation

   We have been improving our curriculum to meet the demand of this new age we are facing. We offer 60-minute lessons and a variety of optional courses to realize our students’ diverse dreams. 
We strongly believe that it’s significant to pass on our legacy and encourage
innovation, and promise to keep on advancing.



We welcome all applicants with the strong will to pursue their dreams.

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